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  • The finals of the Ultiduo Tournament from REALTourney by are upon us! Tune in with gecks, dashner and getawhale!

  • ETF2L Head Admin, Permzilla, joins the panel to delve in to the community questions raised in light of ETF2L's recent announcement that they will be drastically altering the leagues long-standing division structure for Season 20 in January 2015.

  • Join Twiggy & Admirable for the follow up to last Sunday's mix team unrestricted showmatch. This time featuring actual teams! Ze Knutsson Rollerbladers A.K.A. BK finished second in the most recent Season 19 of European 6on6 whilst big boy bonjour represent the hottest new prospect for Season 20, as legendary demoman, kaidus, returns with an incredible new roster.

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