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  • After a thrilling best of 3 series last week that came down to the wire on TFTV, Champagne & Cocaine now face their biggest challenge of the playoffs: Upsetting the #1 seed in Cafe Monster. While Cafe is a formidable team, they have proven to not be invincible after dropping a map against the #8 seed in the quarter finals last week. Join us again on TFTV as Marxist, Buick, Truktruk, Tery, and Dashner bring you the action once again for the Intermediate semi finals.

  • Join Admirable, CommanderX, Sideshow, Suyooo & DavidTheWin for an evening of competitive thrills, spills and hijinks as the best three teams in Europe seek to disposes each other of their share of €3000 cashmoney ETF2L Season 20 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership prizepot.

  • Already know the basics of TF2 but eager to sharpen your competitive knowledge? Unsure how to push last, get to mid fast, or manage uber advantages? Come by every Friday night for Newbie Mixes and learn how to play competitive 6s games with a fine selection of coaches. Get all of your questions answered and try out a few 6s games with other newbies and a coach! Read the guide provided below, join the Steam group, and add up in mumble when you're ready to go pro. Already experienced and have played at least one season of ESEA? Newbie Mixes is always in need of coaches to help keep mixes going! Mumble -

UGC-Highlander 6v6 News

  • Hello Players! We have temporarily disabled logins due to technical issues in the website. For all players playing matches tonight,...

  • Last Week of the Regular Season! Make sure that all unplayed matches are played before our playoff schedules go...

  • Reminder to all teams: Rosters for Season 17 6v6 will lock this Friday March 20th. Map & Matchplay:­ - Map:...

  • Map & Matchplay:­ - Map: cp_granary - Use server cfg: ugc_6v_standard.cfg - Match Play:­ Standard Command Point maps are played in 2 halves....