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  • After a great season filled with fun & explosions, we are reaching a culminating point. The GRAND FINALS of UGC Highlander Season 15. If you think the previous Playoffs weeks were intense, you haven't seen anything... yet. MenaceToSociety and Kids Next Door, these are the two teams that came out on top of this incredible season. They've shown week after week that they are the best of what Platinum has to offer. But there can be only one grand champion. Last week, knd and mTs faced each other on Upward, in one of the most exciting matchups of this season. To think that that was only a preview of the GRAND FINALS this Monday... oh boy! Tune in to eXtelevision this Monday @ 9:30 EST!

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  • It's here! A long season passes by and now we're at the pot of gold. froyotech holds top spot, ever omnipresent and dominating even with a lack of practice; this a good chance for upcomers Street Hoops eSports, Mad Men, and eLevate TF2 to take more than in their regular season matches against froyotech. The matches between these seeds will be incredibly fierce, as well, as seen from the regular season. Join us on ESEA Orange for ALL matches except the Grand Finals to be played. Casted by Gecks, Getawhale, Yuki, and Marxist. Production done by dashner, camera done by truktruk.

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